Thursday, May 19, 2011

The indispensable mini-sketchbook

You never know when inspiration will strike - a cliché, but so true. Sometimes you can’t find the groove, other times you can’t stop the images from flowing. I guess we don't really control this process as much as we'd like to think. So I am never caught without my tiny 3x5 sketchbook (I got sick of seeing those priceless scribbles on napkins, envelopes and paper place mats!).

When I’m working on a picture, or creating a character... I obsess... the ideas are swirling constantly, and I often find myself churning out the same drawing over and over, like some sort of lunatic. After tons of attempts (tons of practice?), finally it's, eureka!

Here's a drawing like this I did for The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde – a project I completed last year with composer Dan Goeller. I was stuck at a party (I’m inherently anti-social), so I grabbed some me time in the kitchen and whipped out my trusty sketchbook. 

This drawing became part of the final cover painting I created as well (I rarely use a solid drawing like this when painting, but sometimes it works out that way).

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