Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dunn One-Liners

Harvey Dunn was a great illustrator from the Golden Age. He was also a teacher, and has some amazing sayings for illustrators. Each of them is worth a fortune.

"When you add “interest” to a picture you take interest from it."

"Paint a little less of the facts, and a little more of the spirit."

"We have trouble because we demand something of the picture - pictures must demand something of us."

"A second thought is always dangerous."

"Action in a picture is the muscular action in the eye of the beholder." 

"Let it be an expression rather than a description."

"Look a little at the model and a lot inside."

 "A picture that is “fixed up” is never fixed. It’s somehow got to be good to start with."

Harvey Dunn in the studio

"The best picture you make you deserve the least credit for."

 "Your good pictures belong to the world. The bad ones are all yours."

Those last two are brutal, but oh so true.

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